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Doubly Awesome Necklace Tutorial

Doubly Awesome Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Amy Mickelson

Designer Tips

  • Use a tubular peyote stitch and various sizes and colors of the Seed Bead Cocktails™, to create a woven cover around two glass bead spikes.
  • Cut and condition a 36-42" piece of size D thread and string on the spike bead. Add 11-12 size 11 seed beads, and thread the cord back though the hole in the spike. Add 11-12 more size 11 beads and pass the cord through the hole in the spike again. Each grouping of seed beads should be on each side of the spike bead. Pass the thread through all the seed beads once or twice.
  • Weave 5-7 rows of tubular peyote with size additional size 11 beads, Extend the cover beyond the flat end of the spike with 4 rows of size 8 round and hex beads.
  • Weave a row of “Translucent-Purple Fumed” size 11 beads adding two size 11 beads between each size 8 bead. This color closely matches the “Magic Lilac” color of the spike bead.
  • Add one last row of size 11 beads.
  • Repeat for the second spike, finishing it with the purple row. Add row of size 8 hex beads to weave two segments together and embellish with size 6 beads.
  • If desired, further embellish by weaving other beads on top.
  • Add a jump ring opposite sides of the finished piece. Attach the jump ring through the hole of a size 8 bead, and add a long piece of chain to each jump ring.
  • More info on tubular peyote stitch with spike beads, check out Beading Daily ® September 26, 2012 Psyched for Spikes blog post.
Free Technique Sheets & How-Tos
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  • 1 dozen [use 2] #23-119-794 Bead, Glass, Spike, 18x12mm
  • 1 spool [use 30"] #40-099-13-6 Chain, Footage, Cable, 2.1mm
  • 1 vial [use 44] #20-228-328 Glass, TOHO Seed Bead, size 11/0, Translucent, 2.1mm
  • 1 oz [use 2] #37-100-6 Jump Ring, Round, Assorted Sizes
  • 1 pkg of 50 grams [use 200-240] #20-002-3227 Seed Bead Cocktails™ from TOHO
  • 1 tube [use light copper color] #61-719-01 Super-Lon, D, Earth Mix
  • #65-000-10 Beading Needle, Size 10
  • #69-023 Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner and Protectant®
  • #69-271-99 Tool, Glitter, Four-Piece Set
  • #69-043 Tool, Scissors, Extra-Large Loop

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Czech Glass Bead, Spike, 18x12mm - Magic Lilac

Material: Czech Glass  ♦  Color: Magic Lilac
Item Size: 18x12mm  ♦  Hole Size: 1.2MM
Add'l Specs: 12 per pack
Out of Stock

QTY Sold by: dozen
1-11 $7.61
12+ $6.42


Antiqued Brass Plated Cable Chain Spool, Footage, 2.1mm

Material: Brass  ♦  Color: Antiqued Brass Plated
Item Size: 2.1mm, 10-meter
20% off!
Regular Price: $17.49/ spl, $13.99/ 10 spl

QTY Sold by: spool
1-9 $13.99
10+ $11.19


TOHO Glass Seed Bead, Translucent-Purple Fumed, size 11/0, Translucent, 2.1mm

Brand: TOHO
Material: Glass  ♦  Color: Translucent-Purple Fumed
Item Size: 11/0 (approx. 2.1mm)  ♦  Hole Size: 1.1MM
Add'l Specs: Approx. 2,240 per vial
Only 265 left. Order now!

QTY Sold by: vial
1-24 $4.01
25-49 $2.67
50+ $2.34


Antiqued Brass Plated Jump Ring, Round, Assorted Sizes

Material: Brass  ♦  Color: Antiqued Brass Plated
Item Size: Various sizes
Add'l Specs: Approx. 400-800 per pack

QTY Sold by: ounce


TOHO Seed Bead Cocktails™, Wonderful

Brand: TOHO
Material: Glass  ♦  Color: Wonderful
Item Size: Various sizes
Add'l Specs: Approx. 1,950 per pack
Only 126 left. Order now!

QTY Sold by: 50gram
1-9 $8.65
10-19 $6.60
20+ $5.66


The BeadSmith Super-Lon, D - Earth Assortment

Brand: the BEADSMITH
Material: Nylon  ♦  Color: Earth Assortment
Item Size: 0.15mm, size D, 78-yd bobbins
Add'l Specs: 12 per pack

QTY Sold by: tube
1-9 $14.38
10+ $10.46


Beading Needle, Size 10

Material: Steel  ♦  Item Size: Size 10, 2" long
Add'l Specs: 25 per pack

QTY Sold by: package
1-3 $4.16
4+ $3.30


Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner and Protectant®

QTY Sold by: each
1-9 $3.20
10+ $2.65


EURO TOOL Glitter, Four-Piece Set

Add'l Specs: Vinyl Grip, 4 Pieces, Velvet Bag

QTY Sold by: set


Tool, Scissors, Extra-Large Loop

Material: Stainless Steel  ♦  Item Size: Approx. 4x2-1/3"

QTY Sold by: each
1-11 $3.75
12+ $3.00


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