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Trade Beads, Ostrich Egg Shell Heishi, 6-12mm

Weight: 0 lbs 6 ozs
Material: Ostrich Eggshell
Item Size: Approx. 2-4mm to 15-16mm
Country of Origin: Kenya
Handmade: Yes
Catalog Page Number: 305
Stock#: 22-530-20
Ostrich egg-shell heishi beads. Approximately 1-2mm thick, on 24-26" strands. Some are larger (15-16mm), some smaller (2-4mm). Pronounced "hee-shee", this shape is also known as a wafer, wheel or spacer. These rare African trade beads are old and smooth. We've been told that these must be old, because DDT pollution makes the ostrich egg shells much thinner now. More details...
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California lead classification for this item: Class 1
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Trade Beads, Ostrich Egg Shell Heishi, 6-12mm
Trade Beads, Ostrich Egg Shell Heishi, 6-12mm

We carry a full line of African beads, both old trade beads and newer beads made or strung in Africa for the world-wide bead trade. Trade beads are old and/or used beads, and will show varying amounts of wear. Newly-made African beads are generally handmade in small communities. Style and availability vary.

For more information about African beads and trade beads, try the following books and DVD's:

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"Nice beads"

on 10/22/2014 10:48:44 AM

We would love to hear your thoughts: The edges of these beads are a bit rough compared to some I have purchased elsewhere. Perhaps they weren't smoothed down enough on a whetstone. But they're still very attractive, clean, and in good condition.

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