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Twin Owls Earrings Tutorial

Twin Owls Earrings Tutorial

Created by: Mollie Valente

Designer Tips

    Prepare the Brass Blanks
  • Polish the brass blanks with the micro-fine sanding sponge.
  • Measure and mark the hole position on the house with square window blank; one hole centered in the top and one hole centered in the bottom. Punch both holes.
  • Use masking tape to tape the punched blank to one of the remaining three blanks. This will make it easy to punch matching holes. Punch the holes. Repeat this step with the remaining two blanks.
  • Add Images to Create your House Charms
  • Use a pencil to measure and mark the owl images; the paper should be slightly larger than the opening, but smaller than the blank.
  • Cut out the image.
  • Glue the images to the solid blank backs, being careful to position the images so they line up with the front window openings. Allow to dry.
  • Cut and apply clear packing tape to seal the images and burnish in place.
  • Glue each window blank to its coordinating blank back and allow to dry.
  • Adorn the Kidney Wires
  • Cut the wire in half. Temporarily straighten the leg end of the kidney wire. Lash four coils on the kidney wire near the loop and add a clear bead; repeat with two more beads and end with four coils. Cut the lashing wire flush. Reshape the kidney-wire leg.
  • Repeat to adorn the second kidney wire.
  • Assemble the Earrings
  • Add a glass drop to a jump ring and connect to the bottom punched hole of the house charm.
  • Add the adorned kidney wire to the top punched hole of the house charm.
  • Repeat with the second house charm.
Free Technique Sheets & How-Tos
To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it free here. Suggested Supplies
To purchase components, add blue quantities to corresponding "Add" fields below.
  • 1 each #60-280 Adhesive, Crafter's Pick™ The Ultimate
  • 1 each [use 8"] #46-406-30 Artistic Wire®, 26ga, 90ft
  • 1 pkg of 100 [use 6] #23-443-042 Bead, Glass, Firepolish, Round, 3mm
  • 1 pkg of 100 [use 2] #23-319-042 Bead, Glass, Tip-Drilled Teardrop, 9x6mm
  • 1 pkg of 10 pair [use 1 pair] #44-721-07 Blank, House with Circle Window
  • 1 pkg of 10 pair [use 1 pair] #44-721-08 Blank, House with Square Window
  • 1 each [use 2 images] #83-231-01-002 Collage Sheet, Vintage Birds, Square
  • 1 ounce [use 2] #37-136-6 Jump Ring, Round, 5mm
  • 1 0.5 gross [use 2] #34-174-6 Kidney Wire, 37mm
  • 1 each #83-101 Sharpie®, Extra Fine Point
  • #69-257-0005 Sanding Sponges, 1200-1500 Grit
  • #69-271-99 Tool, Glitter, Four-Piece Set
  • #69-235 Tool, Metal Punch, Two Hole
  • #69-056 Tool, Side Flush Cutter
Additional Supplies
  • Clear packing tape
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler (ask for FREE Rings & Things ruler with your next order!)
  • Scissors

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Sharpie®, Extra Fine Point

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QTY Sold by: each
1-11 $1.20
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Piddix Collage Sheet, Vintage Birds, Square

Brand: Piddix
Color: Vintage Birds Item Size: 7/8"
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Adhesive, Crafter's Pick™ The Ultimate

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3M Sanding Sponges, 1200-1500 Grit

Brand: 3M
Item Size: 4-1/2 x 5-1/2", 1200-1500 grit
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1-9 $4.30
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Czech Glass Bead, Tip-Drilled Teardrop, 9x6mm - Crystal

Material: Czech Glass  ♦  Color: Crystal
Item Size: 9x6mm  ♦  Hole Size: 1.0-1.5MM
Add'l Specs: 100 per pack.
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QTY Sold by: 100
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Artistic Wire® Copper Jewelry Wire, 26ga, 90ft - Gunmetal

Brand: Artistic Wire
Material: Copper  ♦  Color: Gunmetal
Item Size: 26-gauge, 30-yd

QTY Sold by: each
1-3 $4.95
4+ $3.96


Antiqued Brass Jump Ring, Round, 5mm

Material: Brass  ♦  Color: Antiqued Brass
Item Size: Approx. 5mm, 20-gauge  ♦  Hole Size: 4.2MM
Add'l Specs: Approx. 460 per pack.

QTY Sold by: ounce
1-3 $7.06
4-7 $5.88
8-15 $4.52
16+ $3.76


Brass Blank, House with Square Window

Material: Brass  ♦  Color: Raw
Item Size: Approx. 33x20mm, 26-gauge
Add'l Specs: Stamped, 20 per pack.
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EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutter

Item Size: 5"
Add'l Specs: Vinyl Grip

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Antiqued Brass Plated Kidney Ear Wire, 37mm

Material: Brass  ♦  Color: Antiqued Brass Plated
Item Size: Approx. 35x12mm
Add'l Specs: 72 per pack.

QTY Sold by: 0.5gross (72 pcs)
1-1 $11.70
2-19 $9.75
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EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole

Item Size: 1/16" & 3/32" (1.6 & 2.3mm) hole

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EURO TOOL Glitter, Four-Piece Set

Add'l Specs: Vinyl Grip, 4 Pieces, Velvet Bag

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