Chinese Glass Lampwork Beads
Fancy Handmade Beads

Each of these wonderfully detailed glass beads is one of a kind. Lampwork is the ancient technique of using a flame to melt glass (once done with oil lamps, hence the name). Artists wind the molten glass around a steel mandrel; then, while still working the glass in and near the flame, the artists use various hand tools or metal molds to shape the beads. They finish by embellishing the bead with additional glass colors. These lampworked glass beads range from whimsical to realistic, and include traditional styles of glass work and exclusive designs made to our specifications. As with all handmade beads, size, shape and color will vary, as will strand length and quantity per strand. Size typically varies +/- 2mm. Please note that most multicolor strands of lampwork beads contain more colors than are shown.


Glass beads made in China, India, and Indonesia are usually not kiln annealed (a controlled cooling process that improves durability). They are slightly more prone to breakage than glass beads made in Europe and the United States, but are priced accordingly.